6 October 1309 *

The mayor and community grant "that all unlawful and unreasonably harsh taxes and tallages which have often been imposed by the great men of the aforesaid town upon the middle and poor people, to their oppression and hindrance, taken of them forcefully, without cause and to the great impoverishment of the town, shall not be done hereafter except when required for profit or need, and then reasonably and in a measured way, with contributions given according to the faculty, might and power of every man without exception of any person." The account of such tallages is to be audited before a group of townsmen chosen from each of the three degrees.

[These local taxations appear to have been the basis for the budget of Lynn's self-government The older (probably original) Latin fair copy of the composition uses the terms potentiores, mediocres and inferiores for grete men, mene peple and povere.]