24 July 1378

Because the community daily bears greater and excessive costs and expenses so that it[s budget] is much in arrears, it is ordained that the share [in merchandise] that hosts used to have shall belong to the use of the community and hosts shall only have the same share as other purchasers present at the sale of the remaining parts of the merchandise; hosts may not acquire any of the merchandise as their share to the loss or damage of the community. Anyone infringing this ordinance, so that the community is deprived of its share, shall be punished at the discretion of mayor and community. Furthermore, after the [annual] election of officers, one of the chamberlains is to be assigned to take charge of the said share.

[This ordinance, by an administration evidently concerned with fiscal reform, was repealed in November 1380, probably by an administration representing the interests of the wealthier merchants of the town who profited much from hosting. However, an ordinance of January 1381 seems to reflect another attempt to formulate this type of ordinance.]