17 December 1390

Frequently, excessive crowding at the town's water conduits has resulted in damage to their vaulted arches, or their stones have been carried off and other intolerable damage done; without prompt remedy this essential utility, constructed at great cost and labour, will be destroyed. Therefore, taking example from the regulation of conduits in London and elsewhere, it is ordained with regard to the getting of water in containers: first come, first served. All seeking to fill their containers may place them in a queue, so that each may be served in succession without any arguments arising. Furthermore, it is ordained that no very large containers, commonly known as "sogs" [tubs] are to be filled at the conduits until smaller containers have been filled, nor are large containers to be placed so as to impede others. Anyone breaking this ordinance, or supporting someone breaking it, shall be fined 12d.; anyone informing on a transgressor shall receive 4d. out of this fine. If anyone breaks the fragile containers of poor people, the mayor will ensure that he compensates the injured party.

[A further ordinance on the matter was required in May 1426; it re-emphasized the first come, first served principle (regardless of whether the individual was a burgess or a servant) and set 10d. as the fine for queue-jumpers.]