October 1272

To strengthen the ability of the bailiffs in administering and enforcing these ordinances, 24 wise men of the town have been chosen and have been sworn to obey a summons from the bailiffs – upon pain [, if they default to answer, of a fine] of 6s.8d to be levied the morning after [their default], without remission. If the bailiffs are negligent [in levying this fine?], they shall pay £4 to the profit of the community. If the jurats are found guilty of failing to maintain the king's peace to the best of their ability or to uphold these ordinances, they shall pay £26.13s.4d to the king. Anyone supporting a jurat who fails to submit to this, shall likewise pay £26.13s.4d to the king or, if he lacks the means, shall be put in prison for a year and a day. If any [townsman] complains in a foreign place [i.e. an external court] about the 24, or anyone else of the town, to their damage or conviction, he shall be similarly punished to the king's use.