August 1491

The chamberlains, in consultation with the bailiffs, shall choose as water-bailiff someone considered honest, diligent and profitable to the town; he shall be sworn before the bailiffs and chamberlains that he shall duly and honestly perform his duties in all matters that the chamberlains shall assigned him to undertake to the profit of the town. The water-bailiff shall in no regard collect customs from merchandize of denizens or outsiders coming [by ship or boat] into the haven or streams, but shall bring the owner or master of [the vessel] to the assigned house to pay custom to the chamberlains. Accurate lists of all such customs are to be brought into the court each week, to be enrolled according to ancient custom. The wages of a water-bailiff who performs his duties well and diligently shall henceforth be 33s.4d annually, plus a gown [i.e. livery] to be paid for by the chamberlains.