August 1491

In the past it has happened that irresponsible persons have prematurely gone aboard fishing-boats [while still] at sea near the town, and have bought the herring catches without permission from the hosts, at an excessive price to the serious damage of both the hosts and the community, as well as contrary to ordinances made in times past. It is therefore ordained and warned that no man shall in any way interfere or offer to buy herring from any fisherman [while] at sea, excepting the hosts; if the host is not present there [i.e. when someone tries to make a bargain] then the fisherman is to come ashore to his host, who is to buy the herring for the best [bargain] that can be achieved. And those persons present when the bargain is made for such herring are to have their share, as has been the case in times past. Whosoever acts contrarily to this ordinance shall for each fault pay 20s. fine to the use of the town as previously indicated.