A Brief History of the Church
The pioneers in the district who came from Scotland in the early 1800's brought their church with them. The nearest major settlement was Perth and from there the Rev. William Bell visited occasionally in Ramsay. Eventually, in about 1836 a church was built on the 8th line.
The church split in 1844 and another building was constructed nearby in 1846. When Almonte was established on the Mississippi River it was inevitable that the two churches move into the new community.
In 1865 our present church building was constructed with it's first minister being the Rev. William McKenzie, father of the famous sculptor Dr. R. Tait McKenzie.
In 1925 the Almonte Presbyterian Church was temporarily set back by the establishment of the United Church or Canada. However the small continuing Presbyterian congregation inducted the Rev. E. A. Preston as its minister and in 1965 celebrated the Centennial of its worship in the original building.
In 1972 Almonte decided to share its minister with St. Andrews Church in Kinburn, an arrangement of great mutual benefit. In 2009, after 37 years, the 1972 arrangement ceased to exist.
In 2012, the Presbyterian congregations of Almonte and Carleton Place opted to become partners in a two-point pastoral charge and share a full-time pastor. This new undertaking, as Almonte Presbyterian Church approaches its 180th anniversary, will enable the congregation to continue its witness and stewardship in the community as it pursues its mission,
Seeking, Serving and Sharing our Lord Jesus Christ.
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