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Instructions, tips, and safety information are always provided when an additive is purchased.

Calcium Carbonate - (CaCO3) a buffer added to pulp to help prevent acidity in paper.
500 g (1.1 lb)1 kg (2.2 lb)2 kg (4.4 lb)

Coagulant - is a dry anionic polycrylamide that acts as a flocculant with sized pulps. You can mix separate colours, add flakes or clumps of coloured pulp to other pulp without bleeding. Use after sizing a coloured pulp to clear up water.
25 gr (1 oz)50 gr (2 oz)125 gr (4 oz)250 gr (1/2 lb)

Envelope Glue - a remoistenable glue for envelope flaps.
125 ml (1/2 cup)250 ml (1 cup)500 ml (1 pint)1 litre (1 quart)2 litres (2 quarts)

Formation Aid - a white, synthetic powder, PEO (polyethylene oxide), equivalent to Neri or tororo-aoi, keeps fibres aligned to make strong, translucent Japanese-style paper. Instructions for use in pulp painting, pouring and spraying also included.
25 g (1 oz)50 g (2 oz)125 g (4 oz)250 g (1/2 lb)
$11.95$19.95$42.95$68.25 --->

Kaolin - fine white clay used as a filler in paper and for a smoother surface.
500 g (1.1 lb)1 kg (2.2 lb)2 kg (4.4 lb)

Methyl Cellulose: reversable archival glue, great for sculptural pieces, book binding and acts as a sizing. Comes in dried powder form.
100gr250 gr500 gr1 kg

Retention Agent- a strong polyacrylamide retention for all colouring needs. It works well with all types of pigments. When used with anionic Coagulant, they create a strong dual polymer system to bond pigments to pulp. 2 teaspoons per kilogram of pulp is recommended. (Also known as scavenger retention)
60 ml
(1/4 cup)
125 ml
(1/2 cup)
250 ml
(1 cup)
500 ml
(1 pint)
1 litre
(1 quart)

Sizing - a liquid sizing added at the end of pulp preparation to make paper less absorbent. Also acts as environmental protection for artworks of paper.
125 ml  (1/2 cup)250 ml  (1 cup)500 ml  (1 pint)1 litre  (1 quart)4 litres  (1 gallon)
$4.25 $6.95 $11.95 $19.95 $69.95

Soda Ash - a mild caustic used by paper makers to cook raw fibres, plants, and rags. It helps break down unwanted parts that are rinsed out before making pulp.
250 g (1/2 lb)500 g (1.1 lb)1 kg (2.2 lb)2 kg (4.4 lb)

Titanium Dioxide - a white powdered pigment used to tint or whiten paper. Produces a smooth surface.
250 g (1/2 lb)500 g (1.1 lb)1 kg (2.2 lb)

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Last Updated: March 2016