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I am pleased to offer handcrafted Paperwright moulds and deckles! Handcrafted Paperwright moulds are rabbet joined, routed and finely sanded for rounded edges, triple coated with urethane, and screened with heat shrinking polypropylene mesh. Stainless steel staples and screws and epoxy secure the mesh and corners to make a durable and dependable mould. Flush deckles simply sit on top of the mould. Form fitting deckles are routed to slip securely onto the mould and to form a small inner lip that presses onto the screen to prevent pulp leakage.

The newest mould is called a floating mould. It is designed so you can place the mould into a shallow vat, and then float pulp, pulp paints, and other materials into place before pulling the sheet of paper. Great for artwork inclusions and a totally different look.


Read our featured article on Moulds and Deckles!

Flush deckleForm fitting, routed decklesFloating Mould/Pouring Mould
Paper SizePinePineMahoganyHardwood / Pine
5.5" x 5.5"$41.95$79.95$125.95$125.95/$79.95
5.5" x 8.5" or A5$43.95$79.95$125.95$125.95/$79.95
5.5" x 11"$49.95$95.95$145.95$145.95/$95.95
7" x 11"$49.95$95.95$145.95$145.95/$95.95
8.5" x 8.5"$51.95$99.95$149.95$149.95/$99.95
8" x 10"$51.95$99.95$149.95$149.95/$99.95
8.5" x 11" or A4$52.95$102.95$159.95$159.95/$99.95
8" x 12"$52.95$102.95$159.95$159.95/$109.95
8.5" x 14"$59.95$102.95$159.95$159.95/$109.95
11" x 11"$59.95$102.95$179.95$179.95/$109.95
11" x 14"$69.95$115.95$189.95$189.95/$125.95

INTRODUCING THE COMBINATION MOULD: Select any mould with a form fitting deckle and ask to have the pouring deckle added! Please email for a price quote.

Papermakers often complain that bubbles form while couching papers. Screening for moulds below is braced with a plastic eggcrate support to prevent bubbles. Double screening prevents watermarking from undersupport.Permanent aluminum rod bracing makes these moulds a durable addition to your studio.

Flush deckleForm fitting, routed decklesFloating Mould/Pouring Mould
Paper Size:PinePineMahoganyHardwood / Pine
11" x 14"$109.95$149.95$219.95$219.95/$159.95
11" x 17" or A3 or
Foolscap (13.5 x 17")
16" x 20" or
17" x 17" w/cross bracing
18" x 24" or A2 w/cross bracing $399.95$575.95$535.95/$399.95
19" x 26" w/cross bracing
Foolscap Double 17 x 27
22" x 30" or A1 w/cross bracing $595.95$799.95$799.95/$625.95

Need a size not listed? Please email or phone me for a price quote.

Envelope Deckle - made to fit onto a supported screened mould. 1/2" plywood, sanded, three coats of varathane and expoxee along all sides.If you need a supported screened mould, please email.
To fit onto a 8.5 x 11 mould ... $69.95
To fit onto a 11 x 14 mould ... $79.95

Japanese Moulds are handcrafted from mahogany. A hinged deckle locks into place while sheet forming. The heat shrinking polypropylene screen is detachable to allow for the Japanese style of couching. Handmade ribs support the screen. Stainless steel staples and screws, solid brass hinges and supports, and a triple coat of urethane are included. Price quotes for other sizes upon request. Handles extra.
Paper Size:Mahogany
8.5" x 11"$249.95
11" x 17"$399.95
Other sizes available.

Custom Made Laid MouldsBronze laid moulds

- the quintessential mahogany mould. Moulds built with mahogany ribs,stainless steel laid chain line(21 per inch)is sewn directly onto the ribs with bronze wire. Includes rabbet joinery, waterproof glue, careful sanding, routing and urethaning. Form fitting routed deckle is in included.


8.5" x 11" mould and deckle$765.00

Call for price quote on other sizes.

Prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change.
US$ trading at par with Canadian dollar (subject to change). To place an order now ...


We have several papermaking kits available to help you get started. Also available are books, additives, and sample sets of pulps, fibres, and pigments.

Feel free to emailwith any questions you might have on how to get started


Basic Starter Kit: All the essentials for getting started: a pine mould and deckle, 10 felts, dry starch sizing, 1/2 kg cotton linter, sample of abaca pulp,minced flax or chopped cotton fibers, complete instructions.
Makes 80 sheets of paper ... 5.5" x 8.5" mould and deckle $54.95  
Makes up to 50 sheets of paper ... 8.5" x 11" mould and deckle $64.95  

Deluxe Papermaking Kit: Pine mould and flush deckle, 20 felts, 250 ml sizing (in winter: dry starch sizing), 1.2 kg cotton linter, 1/4 kg unbleached abaca pulp, 1/2 kg bleached abaca pulp, 50g of minced flax, 50g of chopped cotton fibers, and samples of fibres. Complete instructions are included.
Makes up to 350 sheets of paper ... 5.5" x 8.5" mould and deckle$85.95
Makes up to 180 sheets of paper ... 8.5" x 11" mould and deckle$94.95
Makes up to 100 sheets of paper ... 11" x 14" mould and deckle$109.95
Form fitting deckles are available for deluxe kits. Please email for price quotes to upgrade. Complete Papermills with kit, press, and drying system are available for those who just want to dive into papermaking! Please email for price quotes.

Classroom Papermaking Kit: comes with four 5.5 x 8.5 moulds, 50 felts, 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) cotton linter, minced flax, dry starch sizing, extras! Instructions for basic papermaking and cool ideas for the classroom are included ... $249.95

Prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change.
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Bookbinding Support Board: 19" x 34" acid free support boards specifically designed for bookbinding, doesn't warp like a matboard does. 3/32" thick and made in Canada ... $8.95
Want to save time on cutting your boards?
We can cut your boards prior to shipping - cutting fee applies depending on cuts needed.

Linen Thread: Unbleached, black or white linen thread is one of the strongest and highest quality bookbinding threads available. Size 12-3.
10 metres: $4.95 20 metres: $7.95 50 metres: $14.95
Silk Bookbinding Thread: In white or beige. Thinner than the linen.
10 metres: $3.95 20 metres: $5.95 50 metres: $12.95

Prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change.
US$ trading at par with Canadian dollar (subject to change).
Complete US price list is available from
The Paperwright
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Plastic Squeeze Bottles for Pulp Painting: $2.75 each

The Paperwright Portable Press - laminated layers of 3/4" plywood are bolted into the top and bottom of four 5/8" threaded metal posts. Bottom of press is urethaned. Has metal insert in top for hydraulic jack head. Includes a two layered laminated 3/4" urethaned pressing boards, several support boards to help pyramid pressure. Hydraulic jack (not included)is used. Comes with instructions. Great press for classes or at home.
Mini Press - a two post system with a 8" x12" press board, four layers of 3/4" plywood. Great for small workshops or home studios because it is so portable.   $169.95
Small Press - for 8.5" x 11" papers. Comes with four laminated layers of 3/4" plywood size of press board: 12" x 15". Four post system. $279.95
Large press - has five laminated layers of 3/4" plywood. Size of press board: 18" x 24". Four post system (posts are 3/4" in diameter for extra strength) and extra press board.
If larger size needed, please email
Need to know where to buy a hydraulic jack? Ask us!  

Drying Systems: Drying papers for that smooth, professional look has never been easier. The idea is to sandwich papers between 4 sheets of cotton linters. Below and above the cotton is a layer of triple-wall corrugated cardboard. You can build a stack that begins with a plywood support board, a triple-wall corrugated board, 2 sheets of cotton, the papers to be dried, 2 sheets of cotton on top, another corrugated board, followed by another layer of cotton and papers, etc. To finish your stack, place another plywood support board on top. Two cargo web clamps are tightened around the stack to squeeze the layers together. Place a fan at one end to draw air through the corrugated boards. Papers usually dry within 48 hours.
Triple Wall Corrugated Card Board: 28" x 25.5", per board$12.95 3/4" Plywood support board, 25.5" x 28", sanded & urethaned, each$59.95
Cargo web clamps, each$39.95
Mini drying system for small sheets of paper: Create a drying system to meet your needs. Please email for pricing.
Cotton linters prices are on the Pulps page.

Prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change.
US$ trading at par with Canadian dollar (subject to change).

Last Updated: April 06, 2017