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Extraversion and Introversion

Answer the following question and tally up your score. Then transfedr the results to your worksheet and close this window.

 1. When solving a problem, I first like to:
    a) talk my ideas out with others                          b) go by myself and think things over

2. I work best:
    a) with lots of activity around me                        b) in a quiet atmosphere

3. My best pace of work is:
    a) fast paced without complications                     b) slow and careful with details

4. I have:
    a) a wide number of friends                                b) a few close friends

5. To know what I am thinking
    a) you just have to listen                                     b) you probably will have to ask me

6. I tend to:
    a) act first and reflect later                                   b) think first and act later

7. For me life is:
    a) something to experience to gain understanding   b) something to understand before I live it

Tally up the scores of a) and b) responses to choose whether you are closer to a) Extravert, or b) Intovert. Transfer the results to the worksheet.