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Blue and Gold Blend into the Homebuilder

These are the caregivers of the world, looking after children and pets, gardens and communities, and everything in the world. Their love is emotional and responsible. Lovemaking is warm and affectionate, a natural act with deep roots in the home, in meaningful relationships, and in the making of children. Commitment is freely given and runs deep. There is an expectation that this commitment will be returned. For them this is what life is all about.

They have a deep feeling for the practical and meaningful things of the world, of nature, of home, and of the human community. For them work is a key element in life. Their sexuality is bound up in romantic love and deep personal loyalty. Sex is primarily for procreation, and when it isn’t it should still be a reverent act.

Many schoolteachers from preschool to elementary level have the Homebuilder temperament. In the community they are found where service to others is needed. For them there is a time and a season for everything, including play and work. They know when each is appropriate, with not too much emphasis on play. Whenever you need assistance, they will be there to help you.

Inside the Homebuilders’ heads there is an ongoing dialogue balancing their sensitivies and sympathies with practical realities. This combination works well for the community around them. But there is a tension between duty and compassion for them that can give them periods of sadness. They sometimes wish they were another temperament, but they provide a worthwhile service to us all.