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Animal Metaphors
How well do the following descriptions describe you?
Rank order the animal metaphors as they relate to you.
Playful as a Dolphin
Even though dolphins are predatory animals, we are enchanted by their playfulness and frolicking through the water. They are socialbe creatures, keeping together in pods or communities of dolphins. They seek interaction with one another and even other species. They can communicate with one another and even name one another. They give assistance to one another and have been known to help humans in distress. Can be quite vicious in protecting their own.
Busy as a Beaver
Beavers are hard working and seem to work all the time they are awake. They live in family groups, looking after old and young. They build strong dams to provide security and food. They keep their dams in constant repair. Their tails can be used as a building tool and as a warning device. Their work creates an environment that other species can use. They cooperate and rarely fight, and will change locations to find adequate water, forest and seclusion.
Wise as an Owl
Because they sit high up in trees, they look quite wise.They can see their prey with their powerful eyesight and go directly to it by swooping down. They can swivel their heads and see all sides of the situation. They can locate things even in the dark. Various species of owl are found all over the world. They stop reproduction when food supply limited. Leave the nest at a young age. Quietly observe the world around them. Up high enough so they can see their enemies ahead of time.
Cunning as a Fox
The fox is an opportunist. It goes out each day to hunt for food for itself and its young. Content with whatever comes along. Excellent sensory perception. Can hear a mouse squeak at a 100 feet. Playful with other foxes. Alert to the environment, noticing any changes that might indicate a meal or danger. They are adaptable and will move where the food is. They have beautiful well-groomed fur. Leave their mark so that others know they are there.