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Core Needs and Motivators

Read over the descriptions and rank your core needs and motivations. Write down your ranking on your worksheet.
Empatic Blue: Core Needs and Motivations
Blues need meaning and significance. They are measuring everything against the greater good. They are searching for their own unique identity always asking the question: Who am I?
Dependable Gold: Core Needs and Motivations
Golds need to belong and have membership in society's main groups: family, community, religious affiliations, service clubs, and their work role. They need to take responsibility and do their duty, often taking on too much at a time.
Analysing Greens: Core Needs and Motivations
Greens need mastery and self-control. Whatever they put their minds to they will not stop until they have conquored it. A desire for knowledge and competence drives them.
Action Orange: Core Needs and Motivations
Oranges want freedom to act on their impulses. Whenever they are moved to do something they want to be able to do it. They trust their impulses as they have found them valueable in the past.