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Clothes Dryers

One of the most important parts of any clothes dryer installation is the moisture exhaust duct (electric or gas heat source). For best results, the duct should be a minimum of 4" diameter, made of smooth solid walled metal ducting material (galvanized steel or aluminum). It should be as short as possible, with as few elbows as possible (each elbow represents 10 ft of equivalent duct length resistance). The sections should be taped together; screws are not allowed anywhere in the dryer exhaust duct. The typical maximum equivalent length of dryer ducting is 60 feet and will be indicated in the manufacturers certified installation instructions. The type of exhaust hood also has an effect on the maximum length of duct used and is usually indicated in the installation manual. For best results use the largest opening exhaust hood available. Never use flexible plastic duct on a gas dryer. When replacing an electric dryer with a gas dryer it is recommended to have a dedicated 110 volt receptacle installed to power the motor in the dryer. When installing a gas clothes dryer, the clearance to combustibles given in the certified installation manual must be observed. The area where the dryer is located must not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air. For example, small close installations may require the addition of air vents.