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Love will guide you through –
Throughout the darkest hours . . .
At least, if love be true.
As the daylight fades,don't be dismayed,
Just kindle love's bright light
To chase the night away.

When you are a child
You toy with childish notions,
Mixed emotions running wild.
But as your heart matures, you'll find the cure
For sins that make you spin
Is in a love that's pure.

Give me now your full attention,
Brook no interference.
All love's lessons I will mention
I've learned from experience.

Never ask for whom
The bell tolls – it's for you!
Seize the season while love blooms.
Youth's a fleeting thing; after the Spring
Comes slow descent to Fall's
Decay and Winter's gloom.

Listen, I'll declaim the secrets
For avoiding heartaches.
Love's a game, but you can beat it.
Benefit from my mistakes.

Do what I advise
And not what I have done,
To become a slave to lies (and delusions).
My example proves just what you can lose
When unlucky in love ... unlucky in life ...
If what you choose is
To take a fool's advice.
photos: Stephen Alsford
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Created: November 17, 2014. Last modified: August 16, 2016 © Stephen Alsford