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A chorale is a piece of music sung by a choir


Oh what a thrill! Hot chills
When love's spilling over,
Bedding down in clover.
Restless desire – hell's fire –
Inspires me to be reckless
Leaves me reelin', breathless.
Whenever I feel your touch
The world becomes a ball of flame.
Cut the cards and spill the dice,
Rendez-vous in paradise:
Let's play thrill-seekers' games!

Playing the fool – too cool!
Merely misbehaving
(Rules were made for breaking).
Whatever the dare – who cares!
Feats electrifying,
Almost death-defying.
Whenever I kiss your lips
My world becomes a blazing sun.
Pull the plug and take a chance,
Bet your pants on our romance:
Let's have thrill-seekers' fun!

Let's make a toast, our boast:
To keep the corks a-poppin', party without stopping.
the cat in the hat is back;
This infatuation
It's intoxicating.
Whenever I hold you close
The sounds of revels fill my thoughts.
Down the wine and up the bets:
Bacchanal and baccarat.
Let's play thrill-seekers' sports!

Whatever life brings, we'll sing.
If music surrounds us
Nothing can confound us.
Passion's a giddy thing:
Quietus and crescendo,
Throw caution out the window.
The turn of the roulette wheel
Will spin us through a silvery night.
Dazzle and dizzy us,
Leave us quite vertiginous.
Let's scale thrill-seekers' heights!
Poster published by The London Underground Electric Railway Company Ltd, 1924
photo: Stephen Alsford

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