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Written for the young grand-daughter of my good friend Jack McGuire


Bryanna, in my dreams I'll remember,
Bryanna, one fine night in September.
We sat together, silently sipping white wine
In balmy weather, sheltering under the pines.
Firelight and incense,
Nature's sweet fragrance;
Pine-branches swaying,
Their breezy leaves driven
By soft Latin rhythms
Guitars were playing.

Bryanna, as dusk spread through the campsite,
Bryanna, and we bathed in the lamplight,
Two tired snowbirds landed and headed our way,
Paused by the fireside, craving the warmth of its flames.
Night's velvet mantle,
Peppered with candles,
Unfolding above us;
Starshine and moonglow,
Angels with halos
Trysting like lovers.

Bryanna, leaves must fall, come the autumn.
Bryanna, geese must flee cooling waters.
But it's the northlands for which all wanderers yearn;
And will you be there, waiting? the day they return,
Seeking the summer –
Bright sunlight's glamour –
Will you, Bryanna?
Child of the forest,
Full of fair promise,
And gentle manner.

Bryanna, time will ease all your sorrows.
Bryanna, when tides turn, don't you wallow.
I long to see you riding the crest of life's wave;
Sailing can free you, if you will only believe.
Believe in the moment:
Consciousness woken:
Attaining Nirvana.
Child of the ocean,
Magic in motion:
Bright-eyed Bryanna.

Bright-eyed Bryanna ... in my dreams ...
sailing off Isola Palmaria
composite by Stephen Alsford, using photos by Stephen Alsford and Daniel Gammert (gull)

Created: November 17, 2014. © Stephen Alsford