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Stars sparkle eyeward on a summer's eve,
The moon is full, the heavens velvet-deep;
Beneath the sable firmament there stalks
A half-light whereby shadows walk
And shadows sleep.

On feet-worn pathways, parting elm and birch,
Carving through woods a gently winding trail,
To pass: fear neither hostile act nor word;
No watchers there the night disturb,
Our passing veiled.

Time's ocean stilled, almost (for distant cars,
Sweeping down open highways, bring to mind
Waves breaking on a pebbled beach); all seems
Suspended in a land of dreams,
Vague, undefined.

A cloak chiffon o'erlays the city-scape,
Subdues those colours soon by dawn made known
In fuller splendour. Then before us looms
A beacon that outshines the moon –
Your beckoning home.

Under the midnight sky's impassive gaze,
Whose twinkling stars cast jewels in your eyes
(Eyes sparkle starward on a summer's eve),
Perfect to come and perfect leave-
Bidden goodbyes.

To speak of this were not to speak at all;
To reminisce in ink must make a thief
Of mem'ry – living coral, stolen, turns
To stone – yet deep within the image burns,
And I must speak.
a land of dreams
photo: Stephen Alsford

Created: November 17, 2014. Last modified: March 16, 2015 © Stephen Alsford