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Six o'clock, day is dawnin'.
I have a crick in my neck and feel bruised.
I'm so tired ... still yawnin' –
I've got the early mornin' wakin' up blues.

Grab a shave, pull my pants on.
Got wet socks, 'cos I've holes in my shoes!
Mirror says: what I see, it ain't handsome!
Got the early mornin' gettin' dressed blues.

Out late last night at some smoky bar
Where the local heroes play distorted guitars.
Can't quite recall, but I drank a few jars
And with a skinful of booze, I got these blues.

Eight o'clock (o, lord!) without warnin'!
Must have missed the alarm as I snoozed.
Now it's late and the office is callin'.
I've got the early mornin' go-to-work blues.

Well I'm kinda dressed, but it sure ain't chic!
Time to hit the street, though the outlook's bleak,
'Cos the bad news is: third time late this week.
My boss won't be amused – no wonder I got blues!

Out the door in a hurry;
Now I'll be fussin' with buses and queues.
Almost nine ... way behind .... got to scurry.
I have the early mornin' late-for-work blues.

I'll drink beer over lunch-time, I'll drink beer at night
And there's none to stop me – got no trouble-and-strife.
I wake up in the mornin' and there's no-one near.
And when I look at my life ... I need more beer!

Caught the daybreak dawnin' blues,
Alarm clock warnin' blues,
Woke up yawnin' blues,
Got them early mornin' blues.

If I won me that million-dollar lottery
Maybe then I could sleep long as I choose.
But I'm a wage-slave and while I am not free
I'll get the early mornin' wakin' up
Feel I need a shakin' up
Early mornin' late-for-work
(Sometimes think I'll go berserk!)
Early mornin' public servant blues.
tragic mask, from a Pompeii mosaic
photo: Stephen Alsford

Created: November 17, 2014. Last modified: July 21, 2015 © Stephen Alsford