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There where the gulls land
Stand upon sea-walls
High-water tides
And the waves wash slowly
Sweeping the stones
From lonely shore-lines
Dusk creeping homewards
Stretch shadows with sunset
Day's warmth departing
Reflects from the mirror
And myriad jewels
Dance brightly on water.
White breakers light gently
On welcoming beaches
Like lovers' lips parting
Unwilling withdrawal
Whilst whispering softly
Their secrets eternal
Forever returning
Yet somehow in sadness ...
A strand of despair
From Nature's web stolen
To bind each man's vision
And sense of things finite.
Two strangers wear linked hands
Tread smooth sea-worn pebbles
Climb weary the stairwell
Cut deep into limestone
And fade into twilight
Their visitors' footprints
Left empty at evening
Last briefly, unnoticed
'Til only the ocean
In moonlight shimmering
Remains to bear witness
To perpetual motion.
Cromer beach
photo: Stephen Alsford

Created: November 17, 2014. © Stephen Alsford