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Insincere ...
Seems you were lying to me.
Now he's disappeared,
Don't come crying to me.
Love was yours:
You had my heart on a string.
But you wanted more –
Now you've lost everything.

From the night that you first held me near,
You aroused both my hopes and my fears.
You told me you cared, I was scared you were insincere.

Your deception amazed and confused me.
I was not so sure if
Our connection was real or illusory.
In my mind
I was chasing a ghost;
Then you left me behind
When I needed you most.

Love cast its elusive allure,
Though its spells only conjured up tears.
You promised your cure would endure, but you were insincere.

Tried to allow for your colourful explanations,
Never dreaming that pure fabrications were reaching my ears.
Tried to ignore those white lies in the tales that you told me,
But the price of the stories you sold me was growing too dear.

In regard
To your prowling around,
You crossed a bridge too far –
So now I'm burning it down.
Insincere ...
You were just just toying with me.
Now I'm outta here;
Hope you enjoy being free.

Our romance has outrun its true course;
If one day I am back in your thoughts
Then drop me a line... you may sign "insincerely yours".
Yes, send that reminder signed "insincerely yours".
composite by Stephen Alsford
using photos by Stephen Alsford (fallen apples) and in public domain (proto-Cycladic figurine)

Created: November 17, 2014. Last modified: August 7, 2015 © Stephen Alsford