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Alas that I am drawn away
From peaceful setting
From the forest's
Edge where sleepy
Meadows bed
Their tired children
Welcome guests
To while off winter's
Icy nest
Of solemn slumber,
Waking now.

As water wrapped in wind's caresses
Ripples gently
Boatmen cross the
Surface glide on
Silver, led
From leaf to blade the
Spider webs
His glade preparing
Summer eyes
To open, staring,
Waking! Now

Soft-spoken spring an audience
Attends, its pleasure
Blends whose voices
Measure ably
From the marsh
Where wild-geese wailing
Fly and larks
To ears attentive
Warning call:
Beware the stranger
Waking now.

Stay, forever! Willing thoughts are spun,
But I have work that must be done
Before the earth has kissed the sun
Before they part to greet tomorrow ... today ...
Progress? Down, damnation, down:
I know my thoughts without a frown;
That ten years hence
These eyes will see
A concrete jungle where a forest slept
Once in fading memory.
Mud Lake
photo: Stephen Alsford

Created: November 17, 2014. © Stephen Alsford