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Written to the melody of Milonga del Angel by Astor Piazzolla


One starry night late in June,
Some stretch of coast shy of paradise.
Out for a stroll when my eyes did behold
Two dark ghosts by the light of the moon.

Poised on the crest of a dune,
Twin statuettes framed in evenfall,
Posed face-to-face in an almost-embrace:
Silhouettes quite possessed by the moon.

Were they two lovers in tune?
Or strangers at peace with chance rendezvous?
Can I dismiss it seemed two phantoms kissed
As caprice of the light of the moon?

Moments slide by all too soon.
One shade turned away and moved out of sight.
Still, I recall how two souls were enthralled
By the light of a pale, spectral moon.

Nothing is inopportune
Ruled by love's mistress of mystery.
She's fair, but she's fickle: now gushes, now trickles,
Her quicksilver light from the moon.

So I'm floating an iv'ry balloon,
Hoping that love, she may call on me;
Moonbeams in streams, may they fall on me!
Glimmering pearls, strung and strewn:
Girl glimpsed by the light of her moon.
statuettes framed in evenfall
"Moonlight" by Winslow Homer, 1874
floating an iv'ry balloon
composite of photos by Stephen Alsford

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