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Written to music by Jack McGuire


Write me a letter,
Then stamp it and post it.
I gave you my address ...
Don't tell me you've lost it!

Why don't you phone me?
Just charge up your mobile –
The act would be noble of you.

Long-distance romance is no dating game.
It's a waiting game, anticipating game.
Long-distance romance is so hard to take:
Makes me feel a fake. Won't you write, for Heaven's sake!

Text me, e-mail me,
Our networks' connected.
I'm feeling dejected,
So, baby, don't fail me.

Why can't you jot down
A note on a postcard?
It's really not so hard to do.

When we made contact through E-Harmony
You wrote so charmingly; I thought one day we'd meet.
But I'm in Florida and you're in France.
Have to change my plans ... to a virtual romance.

Tweet me a tweet.
To twitter'd be better
Than even a letter.
My sweet, don't forget me.

Find me in Facebook,
And leave me a comment.
Please take just a moment to look.


Please send me your tidings.
My love is abiding.
I'm frantic to hear from you,
So don't be back-sliding!

Write me a message
And send it expressage
Across the Atlantic to me.



Created: November 17, 2014. © Stephen Alsford