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Co-written with Jack McGuire


Another day goes down
In this sleepy harbour town.
She sings her lonesome song,
Counting the days that he's been gone.

She works the harbour bar:
Serves drinks and plays guitar.
Late each night she leaves alone,
Heading for an empty home.

Oh, to be lonely
Is no way to live
When you've so much to prove.
Only the lonely
Forget to forgive
And neglect to be loved.

One day, she warned, she'd be so outta here.
Now she packs a suitcase and she wipes a tear.
Watching at windows – that's just not in her plan;
She can't waste away a lifetime waiting for some man.

And she's gone, moved on; go tell: she's hit the road.
No long farewells, she's lost that load!
Upped stakes ... escaped ....
She's gone and done it this time, she's really gone.

Another new day dawns
In that same old harbour town.
But her song's no longer heard,
For she's found the wings of a bird.

Oh, to be lonely
Is no way to stay
When you've so much to give.
Don't be alone if
There dawns a new day
And there's life to be lived.

She's gone, moved on, so long! she's really gone.
Took note, rewrote her lonesome song.
Decamped; revamped that lonely life.
She's found a better place to while away her days and nights.

She's gone, she's gone ... really gone.
Gulf of La Spezia
composite by Stephen Alsford
adapting photos by Ianaré Sévi (tern) and Stephen Alsford (coastline)

Created: November 17, 2014. © Stephen Alsford