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Your portrait gazes down from my apartment wall;
Day after day I feel its memories push and pull.
Whenever I remember all the good times that we knew,
Photographs of you
Just leave me feelin' blue,
Now you're no longer here.

As I go flipping through the album that we bought,
I feel your fingertips come clawing at my heart.
Each time I think that I may be gettin' through this ... ordeal
Photographs of you
All my pains renew,
'Cos you're no longer here.

How can I say if our collage was wrong or right?
Those silent snapshots paint our past in black-and-white.
Each frozen jigsaw image seems a piece of my soul.
But photographs of you
Just drive home the truth:
That I'm no longer whole.

Should I console myself and think of better times?
I'd be your flame and you would be my valentine.
I know you're gone, but somehow it just seems so unreal.
Photographs of you
Are all I have to view
When you're no longer here.

Ah, how your likeness fosters retrospection,
When I inspect my Kodachrome collection:
Your stylish look ... Your knowing smile ...
That little hint of magic glowing in your eyes.
If I had to choose,
I wouldn't want to lose
Those photographs of you.

In misty dreams I conjure up your ghostly face.
You draw away much faster than I can give chase.
Then, as I wake, your photo at my bedside appears.
But photographs of you
Can't make my dreams come true,
'Cos photographs can't speak.

I push aside the pain
Will we ever meet again?
You say, maybe next week!
photo album
photo by Stephen Alsford

Created: November 17, 2014. © Stephen Alsford