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Around the course of Severn Ham
Stroll we two at gentle pace;
Peace the pleasant pasture spans,
Far enough from ratton race.

Sprinkled o'er the carpet green:
Butterflies and lady's-smock,
Buttercups and celandine,
Ever Summer's penny stock.

Swifts and swallows soar above
Blackbird, jackdaw, rook and crow
Perched within a haven grove –
watchful eyes for prey below.

Sheltered by the screen of trees,
Severn waters slipping past
Grasses dancing on a breeze
That alofts the meadow-lark.

Here a patient fisher waits,
Statue-still, 'pon Avon's strand.
Nearby, mallards with their mates
Glide the leeward flow t'wards land.

Yon horizon's whitewashed homes
Huddle by a high bell-tower
Whence an antique metronome
Marks the marching of the hours.

Grazing sky with verdant crests,
Rise as backdrop halcyon wolds;
Puffy sheep their languid guests:
Billowy clouds, slow to unfold.

Weir to weir we ambled round
On a narrow age-worn path,
Reached again more trodden ground
Where the tumbling mill-stream laughs.

Will we two, in times to come,
Ever sate the soul's deep need
To commune with Nature's thrum
As we did on Severn mead?
Tewkesbury, across Severn Ham
a patient fisher
mallards with their mates
photos: Stephen Alsford

Created: November 17, 2014. © Stephen Alsford