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O welcome summer, welcome home!
How long I've yearned to feel your deep
Enchanted forest smile and cool
In crystal tears that evening weeps
Feeling the last rays of the sun
Slide into distant valleyed hills,
Glimmer on rippling lakes as winds
Whisper to leaves that rustle still
Whilst, constant, murmuring crickets thrive
On twilight, droning, mesmerize,

That vague and vision-misted sun
Of winter strode too slow the skies
And led a frozen moon to match
The snow that set as earth's disguise
Sterile, and thus in deepest sleep
Dreamt of a future from its past,
Seasons idyllic, glistening,
Captured in ice and so held fast.
Yet came the day (and was I there?)
Sleep's misty mirror melted and lay bare
The spring.

The mad May ritual now has passed,
Yet still I frolic on the lawn,
Turn pirouettes, and leap at clouds,
And glance where summer life reborn
Sweeping the memory of all else
Follows the beckoning pan-pipe tune,
Down paths beneath a leafy spread,
To golden fields in afternoon,
Then mossy banks as last-light falls
Beside the stream – and yet, o yet the piper calls.
I come.
distant valleyed hills
beneath a leafy spread
photos: Stephen Alsford

Created: November 17, 2014. © Stephen Alsford