6 October 1309 *

They [the bailiffs] (and not mayor and community) may execute any summonses, attachments, arrests, and distraints for the [steward's] court. However, any amercements and amounts offered as redemptions [for distrained goods?] they will deliver to mayor and community, without any fraud or witholding; to ensure this, the mayor and community may choose persons from their number [i.e. auditors?] to assist the clerk of the court in recording these estreats and to be present when the steward seals this record, which is to be delivered to mayor and community. If the bailiffs are found to have been negligent or remiss in this duty, then (unless the bailiffs can justify their action) whatever amount has been lost to mayor and community shall be deducted from the farm of the following year. If the mayor and community withold an amount from the farm for the above reason, but it is subsequently proved that this was unwarranted, they shall deliver to the Bishop whatever they witheld, without delay or argument.