7 January 1379

Because matters affecting the community have often been dealt with by individual members of the community without the knowledge or consent of mayor and community, with the result that discord has arisen within the community, it is ordained that if any burgess henceforth pursue, or cause to be pursued, any community business without the knowledge of mayor and community he shall be disfranchised and fined £100 to the use of the community.

[It may be suspected that this ordinance was prompted by an attempt being made about this time by a segment of the populace (including some prominent townsmen) to obtain from the Pope letters granting sacramental privileges for St. Nicholas' chapel. This was vigorously and successfully resisted – but not without effort and cost – by the corporation and majority of townsmen. This ordinance may have been a pre-emptive measure, but proved insufficient. In 1380 jurat Nicholas Swerdestone was perpetually disfranchised (in part on the grounds of infringing this ordinance) for his part in the St. Nicholas' affair.]