16 January 1381

It is ordained that the community shall have the third part of all types of merchandize that outsiders or aliens bring by sea into the port of Lynn – or by land, if the merchandize belongs to aliens and is coming from far away – excepting victuals brought for the use of lords; paying for the third whatever their value is [fairly] assessed as. After the purchase of such merchandize, the chamberlain who has been assigned to take care of the third part shall have one hour's notice to make the third part available to the community. Furthermore, it is ordained that the hosts of these aliens or outsiders may have the sixth part of the two parts remaining after the taking of the third part, on condition they buy nothing more from [the merchandize of] their guests. If any burgess conceals [merchandize] or is the cause of the community being obstructed from, or deprived of, its share, he shall pay 12d. for each load concealed and also will lose his share of merchandize for the following year. In times past outsiders have sent merchandize with letters [of attorney] to various burgeses of Lynn to sell their merchandize as if they were the burgesses' own, so that the community would be deprived of its part, if remedy were not made. Therefore it is ordained that anyone receiving such letters and merchandize deal with the chamberlain to ensure that the community is not deprived of its share, or face the penalty already mentioned.