No outsider is to be hosted for more than a day and a night unless his host is prepared to be answerable for him, so that if the outsider flees the city after incurring a debt or committing a trespass, regarding which legal action is brought, the [outsider's] goods and chattels left in possession of the host are to be frozen by the bailiffs' order and surveyed to see what they comprise, and may not be restored to the outsider until he has attached himself to answer the charge and satisfy his creditors. If the host, contrary to the freezing of the assets, restores them to the outsider, he himself shall answer (just as the accused would have done) to the complainant for any debt due or trespass committed, up to the value of the goods and chattels that had been in his possession. In addition the host shall be heavily amerced for disobeying the order of the bailiffs.