To ensure that every craft or industry in the city is carried out properly and honestly, without any fraud that might cause scandal to the city, each year the bailiffs and the 24 elected by the community shall choose between two and four of the more prominent and trustworthy of each industry or craft (or others knowledgable in the craft, depending on whether the industry is large or small). They are to be sworn on the Gospels to conduct an honest and comprehensive search [i.e. investigation] of the industry or craft, without sparing anyone, at least four times a year – more if need arises – so that no fraud, deceit or falsehood can be maintained by the practitioners. If they discover any such offence, they are to inform (without any concealment) the bailiffs and the 24 elected in the name of the community, who are to amend the problem, exact compensation, and punish the guilty in order to set an example to others and to restore the city's good name. If the searchers are convicted of negligence or concealment they are to be heavily amerced as accomplices after the fact and are to be removed from office and replaced by others.

[The description of the qualifications of those to be chosen as searchers is "potencioribus et fide dignioribus"; the former term could be translated as "more capable", but the adjective was also frequently applied to the ruling class and the intent here was probably to designate the leading (in socio-economic terms) members of a craft; the proviso indicates that others of lower status could be chosen if a craft had only a few practitioners.]