Where damages are awarded in the city court in debt, trespass or other pleas, let the judgement be executed immediately through an order to distrain for the full amount of the damages; distrained items are to be placed in safekeeping. The individual distrained upon is to be instructed to make satisfaction to his adversary within 8 days. If he fails to do so, let another distraint be made. If, in contempt of the court, he neglects to make satisfaction for a fortnight, let the first distraint be brought into court before the bailiffs and others of the court – its owner being given forewarning so that he may appear if he chooses – and there appraised by trustworthy men under oath, and delivered to the one to whom damages are due. If the distraint is appraised at a greater value than the damages, the amount exceeding the damages is to be restored to the one from whom the distraint was taken. The same thing is to be done with distraints made in regard to community aids, which are to be delivered to the chamberlains.