August 1491

There shall be 4 chamberlains, to be chosen on August 29 in this manner, that is: two of them to be chosen in the same election that chooses the bailiffs (as is written in the article about that election); and the other two shall be chosen the same day by the bailiffs and the 24, after the election [of bailiffs] has been made, before everyone leaves the community house – they are to be [selected] from the wisest and most able and diligent of the 48, for the profit of the town. At least 2 of the chamberlains shall continue [i.e. be reappointed] in that office for two or three years [running] if they are found to be profitable for the town. The chamberlains shall duly and honestly collect, or make to be collected and levied with the support and help of the bailiffs, all kinds of rents, farms, fines, amercements, customs by water and by land, and all murages, wrecks, strays, penalties, forfeitures and all other duties due the town, or belonging to it by right, and [shall] safely keep them in the box [i.e. treasury]. At least 2 of the chamberlains shall sit in court every day of session, to collect and receive all manner of fines, amercements and customs, as they are brought in by the officers to be put in the box, and [shall] honestly keep them for the profit of the town. With the money thus collected and received, the chamberlains shall pay each year all types of costs, such as by right must be paid by advice of the bailiffs in discharging the town [of its responsibilities]. The chamberlains shall be ready each year with their [account] books to come before bailiffs and auditors, on a day assigned them, and to give an honest account of all profits, revenues and receipts collected by them and [expenditures] paid, according to their oath.