[According to the copy of a document (letters patent) that is undated, but can with some confidence be dated to August or September of 1386, the burgesses and community, pursuant to the ordinances of 1272, chose to hold office from Michaelmas 1386 to Michaelmas 1387 24 men to support the bailiffs: Ralph Ramseye, Nicholas Drayton, John Hakon, John Elys, William Oxneye, Hugh atte Fen, Robert atte Gappe, John Rollesby, John Halle, Peter Beneyt, John de Beketon, Roger Adam, Robert Howlyn, Simon Geryng, Oliver Spicer, Thomas Bateman, Bartholomew Drayton, Laurence Stevens, Thomas Marche, Warin Lucas, Adam Heyron, John Beverle, Alexander Fastolf and Roger de Drayton] Who are sworn to uphold and perform the said ordinances and to make other ordinances (the which the burgesses and community pledge to respect) for the profit or improvement of the community and the protection of the liberties. If any of the 24 shall die within the year of office, or be removed for any cause, the remainder of the 24 shall choose a replacement. The 24 shall also choose the town officers and also 24 other wise men to view merchandize according to the terms of the ordinances.

[The purpose of this document seems not to record the election of the 24 jurats of the town council – for a list of the jurats of 1385/86 is so similar as to throw question on the idea of an annually elected council – so much as to introduce (or confirm) life membership, co-optation, the power of the council to elect other officers, and perhaps the increase in numbers of the supervisors of sales of arrested merchandize.]