The Paperwright
Britt Quinlan, Owner
Looking for a good mould? Paper making moulds and deckles of all types and sizes are my specialty! The Paperwright is a Canadian business providing personalized service for papermakers, artists, schools, and universities worldwide with basic student, envelop, pouring, floating, classic routed moulds and deckles made with pine or mahogany in the size you need. As well, laid chain line mahogany moulds are carefully constructed and sewn at The Paperwright. International orders are very welcome. Prices are currently listed in Canadian dollars,feel welcome to email me for a price quote.

To my many U.S. Customers: The current strong US to Canadian Dollar exchange rate makes your moulds even more affordable; please email for a price quote. I periodically ship via USPS/UPS from New York. May 7th, 2018 is my next shipment from New York. Please email to have your mould added to the queue. It would be a pleasure to build a mould for you! I custom build all moulds when an order comes in.

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Last Updated: March 06, 2018