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Appreciating Differences: The  ongoing study group

Appreciating Differences is dedicated to the personal growth of individuals and promoting harmonious relationships between people.

Appreciating Differences is under the direction of Jack Falt. Jack is a retired high school guidance counsellor. He is trained in the facilitation of Personality Dimensions®, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®  instrument, Temperament (TRI Methodology™), True Colors™, and Self-Discovery Process™ which he has used extensively in presentations, workshops and personal growth counselling. His background also includes training in Parent Effectiveness Training™, Transactional Analysis-Gestalt, and Neuro-Linguist Programming. He has also created his own program called Appreciating Differences Thru Colours which helps people discover their temperaments and their applications to a variety of topics. Each of these programs have wide application to ways of understanding the self, and how relationships and groups of people can learn to appreciate and get along better with one another. The group has also studied the Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence.

He has an ongoing study group in Ottawa, called Appreciating Differences, that meets about two evenings a month. The group enjoys continuing to study and learn how all of the above programs can help them to understand themselves and their relationships better. Currently the group is studying religions and spirituality.

For more information contact: Appreciating Differences, Jack Falt, P.O. Box 701, 100 Wilkinson St., Almonte, ON, K0A 1A0, Tel: (W & H) (613) 256-3276.  E-mail:

Personality type topics available through Appreciating Differences.

Web Sites: Related to Jung/Myers theory personality types and Temperament.

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