Yarmouth by-laws


Resisting justice

Breaking the peace

Night wanderers

Drawing blood

Assault and battery

Honouring bargains


Town council


Burgess' share in merchandize

Host's share

Host to sell merchandize

Sale of host's part

Advance payment for shares

Penalty for infringement

Ships passing through to unload

Sale of fish

Payment for merchandize



Town council


Regulation of the herring trade

1491 - legal customs

Registration of property transfers

Questioning wives about property transfers

Releases, enrolled, debar the releaser

Release of dower rights creates a bar

Widow’s rights to property of her late husband

Registration of wills


Suing for dower in borough court

Borough court sessions and jurisdiction

Recognizances of debt

Judgement in an action of debt

The foreign court

Procedure regarding goods attached

Retribution for unpaid debts of outsiders

Enactment and revocation of by-laws by common assembly

1491 - ordinances


Presence at elections

Electoral procedures

Frequency of holding ballival office

Duties of the bailiffs


Murage collection

Chamberlains' reward

Bailiffs' reward

Payment of customs duties

Refusal to pay customs

Deceit to avoid paying customs


Gaoler and sergeants

Audit of accounts

Admission fee for new burgesses

Admission by patrimony

No actions in external courts

Writ of error

Absence from an inquest

Aliens not to be hosts

Failure to attend council meetings

Shares in herring

Forestalling herring at sea

Duties of herring wardens

Renting of fish-houses to strangers

Replacement of members of the 24

Investigation of illegal fishing

Shares in merchandize

Shares in coal and salt

Weights and measures

Inquest into offenses against the ordinances

Bailiffs deficient in upholding the ordinances

Publication of the ordinances