Norwich customs

CAP. 1
Pleas of the Crown

CAP. 2
Exemption from murder fine

CAP. 3
Accusations of felony

CAP. 4
Trying thieves

CAP. 5

CAP. 6
Fugitives from justice

CAP. 7

CAP. 8
Strangers behaving suspiciously

CAP. 9

CAP. 10

CAP. 11
Plea by writ of right

CAP. 12
Plea by dower right

CAP. 13
Plea by writ of entry or trespass

CAP. 14
Plea by writ of replevin

CAP. 15

CAP. 16
Plea by writ of nuisance

CAP. 17
Abatement and hamsoken

CAP. 18
Probate of testaments

CAP. 19
Property bequeathed by women

CAP. 20
Property bequeathed with wife's consent

CAP. 21
Delivery of deeds of bequeathed property

CAP. 22
Pre-emptive rights of kin over bequeathed property

CAP. 23
Bequests of jointly owned property

CAP. 24
Intrusive claims on bequeathed property

CAP. 25
Registration of deeds

CAP. 26
Plea of debt between citizens

CAP. 27
Plea of debt between citizen and foreigner

CAP. 28
Private distraints on debtors

CAP. 29
Recovery of a debt from the husband of the borrower

CAP. 30
Pledges to answer for distrained items

CAP. 31
Trespass or contract made in the market

CAP. 32
Transfers of rents of assize

CAP. 33
Assizes of bread, wine and ale and of measures

CAP. 34
Ells and weights

CAP. 35
Beam and balances

CAP. 36
Entrances to the franchise

CAP. 37
Regrators and forestallers

CAP. 38
Use of servants as purchasing agents

CAP. 39
Use of partners as purchasing agents

CAP. 40
Butchers, brokers, and tipplers

CAP. 41
Avoidance of customs

CAP. 42
Hosting outsiders

CAP. 43
Labourers who commit crimes

CAP. 44
Maintenance of city ditches

CAP. 45
Failure to attend assembly

CAP. 46
Searches of the crafts

CAP. 47
Financial accountability

CAP. 48
Distraints for execution of judgements

CAP. 49
Behaviour of sergeants as advocates

CAP. 50
Refusing the office of bailiff

CAP. 51
Bailiffs' oath of office

CAP. 52
Plea by writ of rendering account

CAP. 53
No-one to be elected bailiff twice within a four-year interval

CAP. 54
Plea by writ of having ceased for two years