The Four Levels of Temperament

Temperament can be arranged on four levels and this becomes a way to help us determine our own temeprament. First, we look at our outer behaviours. Then we look at our talents. Next we look at our values. And finally we look at our motivations.

Let us now begin ranking our preferences on our worksheet. Let's begin with a fun choice. Click here for animal metaphors. Write the rankings in the appropriate row on your worksheet.

The Known to Self and Others section is equal to the outer behaviour of our temperament. This is the self we present to the world. Each colour has a style and pattern that is common to everyone with that colour. Click here to rank which word and graphic descriptions best represents your outer behavious. Write the rankings in the appropriate row on your worksheet.

The Known to Others but not to Ourselves section is that part of us that others notice. Sometimes this can be habits that we are not even aware of such as saying "you know" in our sentences as we speak. It is also our talents. These are the things that we are quite good at. Others notice them but we are unaware of them until someone gives us feedback. They may say "You're a real leader." We have never thought of ourselves as leaders. It is just what we do whenever we are in a group. They may point how we got our team working together and accomplishing something. Then when we think back we can see that this is true. Each colour has special talent. There are those who are good at tactics, logistics, diplomacy or strategy. Click here to see what are your strongest talents and skills. Write the rankings in the appropriate row on your worksheet.

The Known to Ourselves but not Known to Others section represents our values. We often assume that everyone has the same values as we do until we say something or do something and find that others don't agree with us. Perhaps we hear people putting themselves down. We decide that it must be OK to make similar comments. We might call them ugly. Wham! We find that they don't like those kinds of comments. We have just run into a value: It's OK for them to put themselves down but you had better hide before you make a similar commenta bout them. Click here to see which set of values are most like yours. Write the rankings in the appropriate row on your worksheet.

The Unknown to Self and Others section corresponds to our core needs and what motivates us. Perhaps we can't identify what motives us but often when we are told about the possibilities then we can figure out which is the most improtant for us. Click here to see which core needs and motivations are the most strong for you. Write the rankings in the appropriate row on your worksheet.

Rank order the mottos that best fits your preference on the worksheet.

Now add up the scores in the colums to determine your dominant colour.

One other important dimension that effects the way our temperament is expressed is where we get our energy. Those of us who are energized by the outer world have a preference for extraversion. Others of us find the outer world, while interesting, very draining and we have a preference for introversion. Click here to see whether you are mainly an extravert or an introvert. Write your result on your worksheet.

Now you are ready to move to find out what all this means. Move to the next page to read descriptions of the types, see examples of the types in famous stories and TV programs, take another quiz to help verify your temperament, and read descriptions of blended types when you top scores are tied or the scores are very close.

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