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Appreciating Differences Thru Colours

Discover Your Temperament by Completing This Online Mini-Course
Table of Contents
Worsheet and Various Score Sheets
Colour Blends & Areas
Start at Introduction to Colours and continue on through the pages. If you don't finish the material in one session, you can jump back into the material later, using the page links below . These are the various pages that you are linked to as you go through the program. You can go directly to any that you have missed or wish to review. When the top two scores are tied or very close, it is called a blend of colours. Even if one score is the strongest, it is also useful to look at the blends to see how your second colour affects your behaviour.
Start Here >>>>Introduction to Colours
Is It a Duck or Is It a Rabbit?
Do We Only Have One Temperament?
How Does Our Temperament Develop?
The Johari Window
The Four Levels of Temperament
Colour Verification

Appreciating Differences Thru Colours Worksheet
Animal Metaphors
Outer Behaviour - Descriptive Words and Graphics
Talents and Skills
Core Needs and Motivations
Teen Colour Descriptions
Expanded Colour Descriptions
Apprecaiting Difference Thru Colours Temperament Sorter
Diamond - Green and Gold
Firecracker - Orange and Green
Homebuilder - Blue and Gold
Mystic - Blue and Green
Sunburst - Blue and Orange
Torchbearer - Orange and Gold
Areas - Chart comparing aspects of Colours

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